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At the Lab

The At the Lab podcast dives into ư’s (CSHL) breakthrough bioscience research in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, and genomics, and brings you the latest discoveries with the potential to change lives and the world—all this in 3 minutes or less.

Each episode features a CSHL researcher or educator focused on the biggest global issues and scientific mysteries of the past, present, and future—from deadly diseases to climate change.

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At the Lab Episode 14: What’s that smell?

You might not realize, but that question is central to the human experience. On this week’s podcast, CSHL’s Saket Navlakha sniffs out answers.

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At the Lab Episode 13: A more sustainable chemistry

For this week’s podcast, CSHL Professor John Moses bridges the gap between chemistry and biology in less than three minutes.

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At the Lab Episode 12: Cancer cops

In this week’s podcast, CSHL Assistant Professor Semir Beyaz reveals how metastatic breast cancer ‘corrupts’ the body’s immune system.

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At the Lab Episode 11: AI brainiacs

What is neuroAI, and how does it help both neuroscientists and computer scientists? In this week’s podcast, CSHL’s Kyle Daruwalla explains.

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At the Lab Episode 10: The time of our lives

“You wouldn’t start making the fingernails on an arm until you had started to make the arm,” says CSHL’s Christopher Hammell. How’s that for a visual?

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At the Lab Episode 9: Musical mice

We put the ‘mice’ in ‘maestro,’ with singing lessons from ư neuroscientist Arkarup Banerjee.

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At the Lab Episode 8: Birds of a feather

How did some birds get such distinct colors? CSHL Professor Adam Siepel joins us for a journey across evolution’s “islands of differentiation.”

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At the Lab Episode 7: Women in STEM

CSHL is no stranger to successful female scientists. Today, we remember the life of Martha Chase, famously known for the Hershey-Chase experiment.

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At the Lab Episode 6: Supermoms to the rescue

Happy almost Mother’s Day! What drives a supermom to come to the rescue when her child is upset? CSHL’s Stephen Shea shares the biological backstory.

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At the Lab Episode 5: A heart of golf

A 500-year-old mystery stumbled on by Leonardo da Vinci has been solved using modern clinical data. Meet the CSHL scientist at the heart of it all.

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