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Office of Procurement

The ư Procurement Office’s mission aligns with ư’s (CSHL) dedication to shaping contemporary biomedical research and education in cancer, plant genetics, neuroscience and quantitative biology. Our role is to provide critical support to CSHL researchers and administrative staff through excellent communication, responsive customer service while being cost conscience and providing innovative solutions for our scientist’s needs. We strive to find suppliers of goods and services that provide the best quality, service and support at the lowest cost possible.

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Doing business with CSHL is a privilege and not a right.

Vendors interested in doing business with CSHL should email their completed New Supplier Application (pdf) to A CSHL Office of Procurement employee will contact you.

Note: CSHL will not do business with your company if your business is debar or excluded from doing business with the Federal government. You must have the debarment or exclusion removed before consideration will be given on your application.

Eligibility of new suppliers of goods and services are based on, but not limited to, their financial stability via Dunn and Bradstreet report, references provided, diversity qualification and government procurement record. CSHL reserves the right to terminate business with any supplier of goods and services if the company fails meet or perform to the CSHL requirements.

All suppliers of goods and services are required to complete a New Supplier Application (pdf), Confidentially Agreement (.doc), have proper insurance levels and agree to CSHL Standard Terms and Conditions (pdf) before meeting with any Procurement officer.

CSHL Office of Procurement adheres to the highest level of professional ethics. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the same level of integrity when dealing with CSHL.

Any Potential Conflict of Interest (COI) with anyone at CSHL must be disclosed by the Supplier at any point the COI occurs. All procurement transactions will be conducted in a manner providing full and open competition. Contractors are not allowed to draft specifications, requirements, Statements of Work, RFP’s, Sole Source Justification, or any other document regarding the purchase of goods or services if they are competing for CSHL business.

Vendors must always submit their best and final offer when submitting quotes or responding to a bid or Request for Proposals (RFP).

The Procurement Services Department at CSHL is committed to providing equal opportunity to all businesses, regardless of size, race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

In an effort to cultivate a more diverse vendor base, the CSHL Procurement Offices does seek out Small Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises, and Woman-Owned Business Enterprises to give opportunities to develop business relationships with the CSHL.

Suppliers to CSHL must have an appointment arranged in advance with researchers or employee before they come to CSHL grounds. Suppliers may not post any literature on laboratory bulletin boards or leave on lab benches. Suppliers may not set up impromptu exhibits of any products without prior written permission from the CSHL Procurement Office. Gifts and gratuities to any CSHL employee are strictly prohibited.
Suppliers are required to obtain a valid CSHL purchase order from the CSHL Procurement Office for any supplies, services, or equipment shipped to CSHL. The sale of supplies, services or equipment must adhere to the CSHL Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (pdf).

Note: CSHL Procurement Office Buyers are the only authorized individuals to issue purchase orders for supplies, equipment, and services on behalf of CSHL. Only valid CSHL purchase orders from the CSHL Procurement Office will process for payment.

A CSHL Buyer must approve any changes to a purchase order in writing. A signed acknowledgement copy accepting our Terms and Conditions (pdf) with the confirmation number for the order is required.

Contact Info

Kevin Donohue, Manager Shipping & Receiving
Phone: 516-367-8337
Fax: 516-367-6899

Please contact to schedule deliveries, pickups, and Import/Export requirements.

Receiving Hours

Monday–Friday, 8:00am-12pm, 1pm-4:00pm
Closed Holidays

Receiving Locations

  • Main – One Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
  • Woodbury – 500 Sunnyside Blvd, Woodbury, NY 11797
  • Syosset – 50 Gordon Drive, Syosset, NY 11791

Pack Slip Requirements

  • Pack slip should be placed on the outside of the box
  • Reference a valid CSHL purchase order number and “Attention To”
  • Order number
  • Tracking number
  • Itemized information including quantities shipped, quantities back ordered, part number, description, unit price

All demo equipment brought on site for more than one day must have a CSHL no cost purchase order issued by the CSHL Procurement Office for tracking purposes. Contact the Buyer assigned to the lab or department requesting the demo for assistance in obtaining a no cost purchase order.

Contact Info

Karen Filasky, Supervisor, Accounts Payable
Phone: 516-367-6978

Accounts Payable Fax: 516-367-6830

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 100
Accounts Payable
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Payment Terms

Net 60 days after delivery. Capital equipment that requires vendor installation payment is net 60 days after delivery, installation, (training), and acceptance unless other terms have been negotiated with the issuance of the purchase order.

Invoice Requirements

  • Reference a valid CSHL PO number and “Attention To”
  • Order number
  • Remit to address
  • Itemized information including quantities, part number, description and unit price
  • Any add on costs (if any) and discounts
  • Freight and handling charges